Philip Kahn, CPA, CFP®

Financial Planner and Tax

Philip is currently in his 15th year as a fee-only financial planner working as a fiduciary with his clients to help them clarify and achieve their financial goals and objectives. During tax season, Philip has continued to prepare and review personal and corporate tax returns to stay current on tax law changes.  He also works with several privately held businesses, as part of his clients’ financial planning analysis.

Philip’s five years in public accounting in the audit and tax areas working with private business owners has given him a unique ability understand the audit objectives while considering the tax impacts of the owner’s business decisions. He has three years of experience as a controller for a $70,000,000 distribution firm (and managed $15M in liquid investment assets). Philip served as a CFO for 2 privately held entities and led the effort to refocus the businesses and create value that led to the sale of the entities to publicly held companies.

Philip is a native of Atlanta and a graduate of University of Georgia Tull School of Accounting.  He is a CPA and CFP®. He has served as trustee and executor on several estates.

Philip has been the treasurer of a not for profit college funding entity and continues to serve on the board.

Philip enjoys working with the younger generation to help them understand how to gain financial independence and has taught financial planning in high schools and middle schools in Georgia. He has been married for 32 years and has a 26 year old son and a 21 year old daughter. He continues to coach and commission sports programs in the Atlanta area.


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